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January 30, 2008



Hi, just popped over from Lucy's blog. Here in our local paper they had tips about what to do to keep from getting your GPS stolen. They said theives will saw the holders, so take them off. Then they said the thieves saw the round suction cup marks on the windshield and knew that the GPS was in the car somewhere, so to keep a container of wet wipes in the car to CLEAN off the window so they don't even see the marks from the suction cup to hold it on the dash or window! It's insane!

Your packages look like mine when they come out of my box...beat to all heck!


I'm so sorry about the brake into your sons car!! very frustrating.

The green fabric is the same I'm using right now for our mennonite quilt... I'm sewing and sewing :-)


Oh my so much frustration. At least you got to come home and pet the pretty, pretty fabric. That should help soothe some of the nerves *s*


Sometimes I need to sew super fast to get that frustration out. I am so sorry about your bad day. Hope your yummy fabric takes your mind off it for a little while.

Tonya R

hmm, I think you've got a booboo in your story and you actually asked "parle vous anglais," right? I completely share your frustration on that score. I once told someone "je ne parle pa anglais" - I don't speak english. no, that wasn't quite right, but they certainly got the picture. Glad you got some fabric at the end of all that!

will vidinic

i know how you feel!bought a 221k featherweight on e-bay lately, in a near to mint condition, was stolen from the lady's car, she took care of it for more than 35 years she said...troubles always come in a bunch! I love your blog, greetings from paris, Will V


Oh yeah, vent away. I don't know how you do it! And your new fabrics from kathie are wonderful!

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