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March 26, 2008



ok when are the inlaws arriving I NEED for you to slow down or you will pass me on the number of blocks done!
they look wonderful
and aren't they just so addictive.
I love looking at each one of them
great job Lorre!


Every single one is wonderful - just love the blue in #70


wow now I get to follow yours.........Hanne has just finished hers and she is ready for quilting.........her's is in red and white


I do beleive that there is one block in this quilt that has over 200 pieces in it.. a lady on one of my email groups posted a pic.. you are all quite mad I think!

Nearly Insane? I think you are already there possum!

take care


Fantastic, you really produce. I really love the lollipop block!!

Stacy A

Hey there crazy, I am completely speechless over your posts today. I have browsed through them 6-7 times. Am I right in calculating that you are working on 4 separate very detailed quilts at the moment? Compared to the other 3 the baby Jane looks like a picnic! he he Your posts today look like a quilt museum. They are so artfully made. I am so glad you are sharing your quilt journeys with us. I am also glad I can look at your and not have to do them all myself lol. Maybe some day. I hope your getting some rest after your marathon block making. Love Stacy

Karen Beigh (Log Cabin Quilter)

One of these days soon, I will be joining you in going "Nearly Insane".


Hi. love the detail on these blocks, you do such beautiful work, well done, Tracey

lily boot

I love the colours of Block 46 - the red and yellow make me think of a really cosy, old fashioned kitchen - and I especially love the last square within a square - the subtlety of the two pale colours is so sweet.


Oh quit teasing me! I can't get everything done now as it is. These blocks are so much better in real life! They are beautiful!

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