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March 27, 2008



WOW. She is the best friend EVER.


Oh my Gosh??? more like HOLY CRAP! or something else that Batman would say!
thats a WHOLE lotta fabric and a whole lotta fun.. maybe she knows you will end up in the nut hut making that quilt.. I think you are quite mad! LOL
Have fun with the inlaws.. if my MIL come for 5 weeks, I'd strangle her.. I feel like doing that after 5 minutes!

take care

and enjoy fondling those fabrics.. and colour coded them too?? my, that friend is definatley a keeper!


amazing isn't it!
I couldn't wait for you to get this package!
I guess you won't be needed to do some more shopping in my closets...but of course maybe you will need to look just in case!


Now don't you agree that you NEEDED those fabrics? I have to give credit to Kathie - she was the delivery girl to your daughters house. Maybe you could work on your Lollypop in your downtime with your DMIL & DFIL - you could chat and stitch. Remember, there is more fabric for you when you get here in May. Enjoy your visit!


Wow - just looking at that fabric makes me want to try those blocks - but I am not nearly insane eoungh.


Gorgeous fabrics *s* Enjoy your visitors.


Woah! Patty is too good to you! Great fabrics!


I wish I had a friend like that. what fun you are going to have!


that is amazing, I would turn mad when getting such a surprise
the coolest fabric pack I've ever seen


What a wonderful treat!


Goodness, you got a whole stash in one gift. I was sitting here drooling over all you beautiful fabrics. Enjoy the in-laws' visit and have fun with all that gorgeous fabric. LOL


Fantastic!! Where can I get a friend like that???


Please contact me immediately and I'll give you my address.....let your friend know I'm looking for a new friend!! LOL What an amazing gift. Aren't you the lucky quilter????


Wow those are nice fabrics.


OMG is all I can say .............wish I had a friends like that........


Wow! I saw the pile on Patty's floor but all assorted like that makes it look even better! LOVE all the goodies! It's fun just to see all the fabrics. Your newest CW blocks and the NI blocks are just wonderful! Great job!


OOOOhh my.... what a fabrics!!! I LOVE every piece!!


Baby - those are awesome fabrics! Just send them my way! WOW!

Holly Elam

Wow, just love all those prints. You are a very lucky girl.

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