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April 13, 2008



Oh Lorre you have been so close to my house! You made a beautiful trip with your inlaws! It must have been a wonderful visit for them :-)


Isn't that church in Koln amazing? The Princess recently visited and proclaimed it even more wonderful than Notre Dame . . . that is high praise from her *s*


so happy to see the pictures...wow a beautiful church and tulips!
I loved seeing the pictures...
looking forward to 2 weeks from Thursday...

Stacy A

Lorre, Wow, you have overstimulated me today with all the beauty in your life. That architecture is unreal. We never see anything like it here, and it is so hard to imagine how it all was constructed. Thousands of men and hours, but stunning. And the contrast between the different places. Those snow flakes are HUGE.
I am so glad you had a good time with your in laws. I was given a few authentic pieces of the Polish pottery for my wedding, one of my favorite gifts. So beautifully made and painted. If I hadn't just seen your load I would have asked you to bring me some, but I think you have your hands full ;) Welcome back hun. Love Stacy

lily boot

Great photos - how wonderful to have the opportunity to live somewhere so beautiful and old. And the pottery! I've never seen that much Polish pottery all in one spot! How lovely your kitchens will look with all this pottery! Enjoy your sewing time. :-)

Quinta da Quilter

Quick question - what is the address of the Pottery shop in Holland? I will be travelling in that direction soon and would love to stop!


enjoying the pics and how did you cart all that crockery home?????

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