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April 03, 2008



you are officially a saint...I didn't know you were building a guest house for the inlaws to live in
ok where is my guest house going to be?????
hey I need my own house when I come to visit for the winters..


My gosh it all sounds fabulous!


Your plans sound fantastic! The sewing room sounds wonderful, the size itself is grand. I can just envision the fun you will have. I can't wait to see the pictures!


I want a guest house at your house too!!! How about this ---She who has the most quilts in line to be quilted gets the biggest room! :-)I hope you are enjoying your in-laws and your plan making for when life settles down a bit. Enjoy every day! Can't wait til you get here!

Stacy A

I should have known we both had Teton Valley blood running through our veins. Wow it has changed since the days of my grandparents and dad, I am pretty sure they didn't need permission to build anything. My dad is from Driggs. I bet he could tell me exactly where your house will be. He will be so jealous. I bet you are having a blast with the inlaws. What a great thing to do before settling down a bit. Have a great time on the train and trip to the states. Love Stacy

pat sloan

Hi Lorre!!

I was surfing this webring a few weeks ago and thought you might be the same Lorre that did some quilting for me. And now you live in Belgium! I lived there and went to High School (graduated from BAHS) in the 70s.

I have sent your blog to Gail Kessler as she wanted to contact you. So I hope you are the same person I think you are.. hehe!

Big Hugs.. write me a note as I'd love to hear how you love Belgium.

Pat Sloan

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