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May 25, 2008



Love your fabric choices! Don't worry about being last on this one - I've just barely started #3. But I'm prepped and ready if I ever get a few spare minutes..... "If" being the key word! :-)

Holly Elam

Awesome blocks. Yours have inspired me to create my own appliqué flower for a 30's churn dash quilt I am working on.


Those blocks require a lot of patience. I love your fabric choices too. Very cheerful!

Rose Marie

You are right .... they do bring a smile to my face. Your blocks are so bright and cheery and am looking forward to seeing more!


love your fabric choices too
I am only on block 3 too!
don't worry :)


These blocks are so fun and lively. I can imagine it would be hard to step away from this project. Enjoy.


Love the blocks! Can I ask a question about one of your fabrics you used???

See the top picture? Block #2 I think, I would love to know the selvage info in the top most light yellow circles! do you happen to have any fabric with the info left? I've seen that fabric in lime, teal and now yellow and would love to have some for another project, but I've only seen in it quilts!!
If you don't have the selvage info, do biggie, just thought I would ask! Thanks!

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