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October 16, 2009



I really enjoy your blog and am glad to see you back to posting and cannot wait to see all you accomplished. That quilt is beautiful and what a great idea to display it. I think I would still be nervous eating over it even though I knew it was protected.


oh Lorre it looks great on the table
although I really think it looked better in my dining room !
great job!
great fabrics :)

Allison K

This is lovely! What a great idea!


Wow! This is so beautiful! What a great idea to make a custom fit to go under your glass table top! I love the red background.


I've missed you too, and was always hoping you'd come back with some more of your quilting accomplishments for us patient ones. I love the idea of the quilt shaped to the table, and the red background is stunning.


stunning. what an excellent idea.


Work of art. And brilliant idea to use it as a tablecloth without getting it dirty.

And I also missed your posts!


Hi Lorre!! Glad to see you're back at the blog! The tablecloth is AMAZING!! What a great idea!! Can't wait to see what you've been up to lately! Please keep posting!


It looks beautiful and how good is that, having the glass top. Lovely to see you blogging again.


Lovely AMG quilt and as a covered tablecloth...amazing! Glad you're back, missed your NI blocks.

Kim M in PA, USA

This is a great idea and it turned out beautiful! How many hours per day do you spend sewing?


Lorre your AMG is gorgeous and I love your idea as a table topper the squares with the rounded edges I am sure took alot of thought! I just love it thanks for sharing your work


Oh Lorre this is just stunning. I can't wait to see it in real life, but your pictures are great. You are truly an artist.

Love you


What a wonderful idea and such a beautiful quilt


What a beautiful, beautiful tablecloth!!! Your fabric choices are wonderful. You will get a lot of enjoyment out of your quilt displayed this way. :0)

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